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Arrive and find comfort for your inner soul at the serene and private ambiance of SPARADISE We offer soothing services channeled through the gentle and healing hands of our therapists. Our pampering services of facial and body treatments are tailor fit to free your inner senses from the daily stressful living.

SPARADISE combines the most sophisticated technology and the wisdom in healthcare of the ancient people. We combine Traditional Chinese, Natural Medicine and Aromatherapy.

SPARADISE aims to incorporate tranquility and harmony to your traditional lifestyle and daily routine by introducing our gratifying facial and body spa treatments that will rub away your tension, headaches, repetitive stress symptoms, muscle soreness, anxiety, stress, and tissue inflammation in the same way that it will improve your productivity, concentration, blood circulation, health and wellness, energy and alertness, and posture.

Being a SPA Boutique, SPARADISE carries different lines of products to promote beauty and wellness. We are ambassadors of Natural Beauty that is why all of our products are organic and very natural. We are avoiding any use of artificial products, and because of that all of our products have natural color and fragrance. All of our products have their own therapeutic actions and results are instant and all of these are supported by documents and clinical claims.

We simplified therapies by providing simple steps to our dear customers. All of our products are enriched with therapeutic essential oils.

Allow us to provide you with our relaxing spa treatments and discover the importance of body and soul rejuvenation to improve quality of life.

  50 Kennedy Road South Unit 17-18
        Brampton, ON L6W 3R7



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